Friday, December 11, 2015

White Dwarf #1 - Cover

In many ways White Dwarf was always more enjoyable to me than Dragon or the other RPG magazines of the era. Better covers for the most part, from good to brilliant interior art, and in each slim volume some silly to excellent ideas, articles, monsters and adventures which Dragon could not be counted on to have. 

I was lucky enough to enjoy miniature wargaming and the Warhammer/40K system so as WD neared 100 and shifted from RPGs (except for Warhammer) and turned into a house organ for Games Workshop, I didn't mind. I never took the step from 1st edition AD&D to 2nd and found Dragon less and less rewarding as it too reached the century mark. 

I hope to explore each issue of White Dwarf as I have explored the Strategic Review and Dragon and JG Journel, Pegasus, and many other magazines and zines over the years. I haven't picked up an older issue of The Dwarf in years and as I wrestle with this new computer I've decided to dig into these old and valued issues and see what I can redisacover.

This first  cover is of the first reprint. I will also dig out the original #1 and compare to see if there are any differences, because not only the articles were both intriguing and inspiring, the ads were too. 

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