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Appendix Z - A. Merritt

Appendix Z - A. Merritt

A. Merritt stands out as one of the most imaginative yet solidly based writers of weird and mysterious fiction. His main characters were often heroes, but they were men from the modern world (at least the modern world of the early 20th century). His stories are adventures, but the places these adventures occur, the societies, people and things that are encountered are as strange and compelling as any thought out by Lovecraft or CAS, and his heroes as brave as any written of by Howard. To me he seems overlooked, even more so than CAS, and yet his stories encompass enough in detail and provide inspiration for worlds undreamed.

(This bibliography is snagged mostly from wikipedia so I need to double-check its accuracy).

The Moon Pool (fix-up, 1919)
(The Moon Pool (1918) + Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919))
The Metal Monster (1920)
The Ship of Ishtar (1924)
Seven Footprints to Satan (1927)
The Face in the Abyss (fix-up, 1931))
(The Face in the Abyss (1923) + The Snake Mother (1930))
Dwellers in the Mirage (1932)
Burn Witch Burn! (1932)
Creep, Shadow! (1934)

Short Stories
Through The Dragon Glass (1917)
The People Of The Pit (1918)
Three Lines Of Old French (1919)
Prologue (The Metal Monster, 1920)
The Pool Of The Stone God (as W. Fenimore, 1923)
The Woman Of The Wood (1926)
The Women of the Wood (earlier version of The Woman Of The Wood, 1949)
The Drone (aka The Drone Man, 1934)
The Rhythm of the Spheres (original a chapter called The Last Poet And The Robots (aka The Last Poet & the Wrongness of Space) in the 1934 round robin novel titled Cosmos, revised in 1936 as a stand-alone work)
The Whelming Of Cherkis (excerpt from The Metal Monster, 1946)
When Old Gods Wake (fragment, 1948)
The White Road (fragment, 1949)
The Fox Woman (incomplete, 1949)
Pilgrimage, or, Obi Giese (1985)
Bootleg and Witches (fragment, 1985)
The Devil in the Heart (outline, 1985)
The Dwellers in the Mirage (original ending of the novel with same name, 1985)

Short story collections
The Fox Woman and Other Stories (1949)

Song for Wood Horns (aka The Wind Trail, 1910)
The Silver Birches (1940)
Old Trinity Churchyard (5 A. M. Spring) (1941)
Sylvane - The Silver Birches (1973)
In the Cathedral (1974)
2000 (The Triple Cities) (1985)
Song for Wood Horn... (1985)
Silvane—The Silver Birches (1985)
Madonna (1985)
The Ladies of the Walnut Tree (A Legend of Tuscany) (fragments, 1985)
Court of the Moon (fragment, 1985)
The Birth of Art (1985)
L'envoi to Life (1985)
Screens (1985)
Sir Barnabas (1985)
In the Subway (1985)
Runes (1985)
Eheu Fugaces . . . (1985)
A Song for Christmas (1985)
Comic Ragtime Tune (1985)
Behold the Night He Cometh (1985)
You Looked at Me (1985)
Dream Song (1985)
Castle of Dreams (1985)
I Wonder Why? (1985)
My Heart and I (1985)
Think of Me (1985)
The Ballad of the Cub (1985)
Piddling Pete (1985)
The Winged Flames (1985)

The Challenge from Beyond (round robyn short story, with C.L. Moore, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long, 1935)
Cosmos (round robin novel, chapter 11, 1932–34)
The Fox Woman and the Blue Pagoda (novel, Hannes Bok fused Merritt's unfinished story with his own conclusion, 1946)
The Black Wheel (novel, first seven chapters written by Merritt, completed by Hannes Bok, 1947)

A. Merritt on Modern Witchcraft (1932)
Concerning “Burn, Witch, Burn” (1932)
Letter (Weird Tales, November 1935) (1935)
Man and the Universe (1940)
A. Merritt (1940)
How We Found Circe (1942)
A Tribute (1942)
Letter to Mr. Louis De Casanova, July 23, 1931 (1985)
Letters and Correspondence (1985)
An Autobiography of A. Merritt (1985) with Walter Wentz
A. Merritt—His Life and Times (1985) with Jack Chapman Miske
What is Fantasy? (1985)
Background of "Dwellers in the Mirage" (1985)
Background of "Burn, Witch, Burn" (1985)
Background of "Creep, Shadow!" (1985)

A. Merritt's Own Selected Credo (1985)


  1. The Metal Monster is available for free from the archive. Here's the link if you'd like to read it.

    1. I think you can also get The Moon Pool free on kindle but I don't know if it is the 'complete' version or the short version,

  2. Metal Monster and Moon Pool are both free kindle versions. Unclear on which version it is either. Several Merritt books inexpensive on there.


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