Saturday, July 16, 2011

Minstrel Tales Riddles Storm on Land


These are a collection of Anglo-Saxon riddles. The authors are unknown and the prose can be a bit obscure but they fit so well into my Greyhawk campaign that I have used them often.

Storm on Land

Who of men is ready-witted and wise enough to say
Who drives me forth on my journey,
When I arise in my strength, exceeding furious,
When I resound in my might?

Sometimes I move with malice through the land,
Shatter the people's halls, spoil the houses;
The sky rises up, grey over the roofs;
There is noise on oerth, the death-pang of men.

When I stir the wood and the druid's groves,
When covered with water, felling trees
Bearing upon my back, the dwellings of men,
The coverings of the oerth, the beasts of the land.

Say who it is who covers me,
Or what I, who bear those burdens, am called.

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