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Nation - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Part 2

Nation - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Part 2

Waymoinen and the Plateau  of Leng

The City of the Gods was a wondrous place, but it was of the moon Celene and not of Oerth and the ways of Oerthly magic were as of yet unknown among most Gods.  Mikko had learned of this magic in the darkness when captured by the Ancient Things in their citadel which became the city of Blackmoor, and Matar learned of this strange magic in the light of summer when she rescued him and broke the walls and towers and drove the Ancient Things beneath the foundation stones of the citadel and out beyond the edges of the light and the real. They gave Waymoinen a hunger for the knowledge of this new magic.

In the Land of Black Ice creatures lived, but many were strange and many were evil and many were not of this oerth. The new magic was strong in this desolate land but in no place was it stronger than the terrible Plateau which was all too close to the City.  The God Leng was an explorer and despite the evil which flowed down from the Plateau as if it was a colorless smoke that brought nightmares and panic and terror without reason he longed to set forth and place his feet atop the cliffs which were higher than the clouds. 

Now the Plateau was shrouded by clouds, and though the Gods had eyes that could see through stone, they could not see through these clouds and what was beyond them was a mystery. Waymoinen hungered for Oerthly magic and as of yet he knew no fear. When Leng set off to explore the Plateau many lesser Gods accompanied him but Matar and Mikko refused to let Waymoinen go. 

Among the lesser  Gods who served Ykko the Oldest was Ilmar the Builder. Ilmar was a great friend of Waymoinen and at first a teacher, though Waymoinen soon surpassed him in skill. Together they devised a plan for Waymoinen to leave the City of the Gods undetected and be carried with the servants of Leng on this great and dangerous expedition.  

It is said that if Waymoinen lost an arm another could be made, even if he lost his head, another could be found, and that only the Heart of Waymoinen could not be replaced. In this way Waymoinen and Ilmar planned for him to leave with Leng and yet stay within the City. Ilmar crafted Waymoinen an eye that was not an eye for him to wear in his head and took from Waymoinen his true eye that he might see. This they hid within the helm of a servant of Leng. The eye that was not an eye would see what the True Eye of Waymoinen saw even though far away.

Leng left the City of the Gods on a chariot that flew and sailed through the clouds to reach the Plateau. As he approached the clouds became as black as the ice and the chariot bucked and twisted in the sky. Great cracks appeared in the Chariot of Leng and terror assailed them. Lesser  Gods shriveled and died in this struggle and Waymoinen saw through the clouds. 

Leng did not return, his chariot was swallowed the black clouds, and Waymoinen tore the eye that was not an eye from his face and smashed it beneath his heel. What he saw he would never say, no not even to Matar and Mikko, but no God or mortal was allowed to approach the Plateau of Leng again.

Such is known to the people of Blackmoor.

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