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Saga of Old City Gygax Book Club Review Part 3 pgs 77-100

Saga of Old City Gygax Book Club Review Part 3 pgs 77-100

(pg101 actually which ended the chapter)

These chapters take Gord's story a little more than two years forward. They suffer from, what seems to me, fairly bad dialogue and narration. It makes me wonder if Gygax didn't have an experienced editor or someone to provide an honest critique of his writing. The story moves along but feels rather bland and false. Gygax's explicatives seem odd and out of place. Part of the narrative seems like module background material. 

We are introduced to several characters, none more important than Arentol, guildmaster of thieves and one of the directing oligarchs of Greyhawk. There really isn't much information about him and his character is a light sketch rather than fleshed out.

A poker-like game is played ivory-plaques instead of cards. While there is some talk of play no real rules are given. 

In these chapters several Gods are mentioned but just sworn or prayed to without detail. Zilchus, Ralishaz, and Istus, while Pholtus is excliamed later.

Gord's catseye ring is mentioned which Arentol takes an interest in.

Ulek's southern region produces a sparkling wine.

The Villa Noblesse either is an Inn or rents rooms located in the High or Garden Quaretr.

Three Golden Orbs will support a person in the City of Greyhawk moderately for a year. Treasure tables based on the novels should be adjusted downward.

The Nymph and Satyr is an Inn in the less prosperous section where the High and Graden Quarters meet.

Some description of Rhennee barges and customs is described.

Cavercliff Cove is a secret bay for the Rhennee located on the eastern tip of the land that surrounds the Nyr Dyvs Midbay.

pgs 101-134 will be reviewed for Monday May 27th

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