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Project - Languages of Oerthly Magic - Shocking Grasp

Languages of Oerthly Magic - Shocking Grasp

24). Shocking Grasp

Amedian - Kuzhaata Faama (Kuz-Ha-Ta Ku-Fa-Am-A)

Bakluni (Ancient) - Soke Edeak Bar Kavaraze (Sok Ed-Ak Bar Ka-Var- Az)

Drow - Sokekole Markaebol (Sok-Ek-Ol Mar-Ka-Bol)

Dwarven - Chokarendae Grebe (Cho-Kar-En-Da Greb)

Elven - Arkettava Otetta (Ar-Ket-Ta-Va Ot-Et-Ta)

Flan - Taezkent Ten Azteake (Ta-Ezk Ent Ten Az-Te-Ak)

Fruz - Atakanlegame Greapa (At-Ak-An-Leg-Am Gre-Pa)

Giantish - Zokegriff (Zok-Grif)

Gnomish - Zokkendae Greepe (Zok-Ken-Da Gre-Ep)

Oeridian - Zokenuzeka Ponemana (Zoken-Uz-Ka Pon-Em-An-A)

Olman - Aterkea Pital (At-Erk-Ke Pit-Al)

Suel - Emprobize Mana ( Em-Pro-Biz Man-A)

I think Ive worked out my language equivalents if anyone wants to work up some of these for themselves. 

Amedian - Swahili
Bakluni (Ancient) - Turkish
Drow - Magyar
Dwarven - Danish
Elven - Finnish
Flan - Irish
Fruz - Icelandic
Giantish - German
Gnomish - Dutch
Oeridian - Russian
Olman - Tamil
Suel - Latin

These are just the base for the very slightly altered languages. It helps me a great deal in fiction but it is also helpful DMing and adds a good reason to have a comprehend languages spell on hand. I chose them with a few ideas in mind. The Suel always remind me of ancient Rome so Latin. The giants, dwarves, fruz, and gnomes always feel linked to me. Elves and Drow should have some link but strained over the centuries that have separated them so Finnish and Magyar.

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