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Saga of Old City Gygax Book Club Review Part 2 Pages 43-76

Saga of Old City Gygax Book Club Review Part 2 Pages 43-76

In these pages the story runs through the beginning of chapter five to the beginning of chapter eight and Gord from a youthful beggar-thief of 13 to a more experienced young thief and beginner swordsman of 16. 

The story is enjoyable but without much life to it and passes into a quick summation of Gord's early teen years. It is wonderful character background with somewhat poor dialogue and tons of setting information. The horrendous beating, rape and murder of Violet, young Gord's first love, is rather calmly accepted by Gord with the plan of later vengeance and with no apparent ill effects on his youthful years. I find this a rather disturbing element in the Gord character. The story in these chapters works well enough but the dialogue seemed poor and sometimed out of place for the setting.

We do get quiet a bit of setting information.

pg 45 

We find out that beggars  in the city wear a wooden hand symbol. The government of the city is run by a Lord Mayor and Directors. The Guildmaster of Thieves and the Guildmaster of Merchants are directors. 

pg 46 

We hear about the River Quarter and the section called The Strip that runs from Dockside to Low Street. Some details at to types of characters and businesses on The Strip are provided.

pg 47

Some more description of The Strip. The River Quarter is in New City and the Thieve's Guilds base of operation is in The Strip though the guild hall is in the Thieve's Quarter in Old City.

pg 48 

Beggars Sign, the written symbol-language of beggars is mentioned. Waghalter Gate is the place in the wall of Old City leading from the Thieve's Guild. Grand Square, the Citadel, The Halls and Clerkburg are mentioned in quick succession. The Processional is near The Strip.The Street of Delights is on or near The Strip.

pg 49

Near or on The Strip is the gambling house The Wheel of Gold.

pg 53

Gord is now on a Rhenee river barge having made it from the Wheel of Gold through the Cargo Gate in the River Quarter and up to Shack Town.

pg 54

A short blurb regarding the Rhennee is given.

pg 56

The Black Gate is mentioned

pg 57

The Beggar's hall is in the northernmost section of the Thieve's Quarter and spill over into the Slum Quarter. Haven Street, Redcobbles Lane and Cleaver are streets near the Thieve's Guild.

The Roc and Oliphant is small tavern at the end of Burnbook Lane usually patronised by students.

pg 69

The Quarter of Craftsmen is just south of the Old City wall. Clerkburg and The Halls are mentioned with a line of detail.

pg 70

More details regarding Clerkburg. A small inn, The Acorns, is mentioned.

pg 71

Several important questions are asked but sadly most not answered.

"What are the nine known dimensions of the multi-verse?"
"From whence came the Common Tongue?"
"When was the Empire of the Aerdi overthrown?"
"How can ypu explain technology?"
"What was the Invoked Devastation and when did it occur?"
"Of what use is Basilisk blood in alchemy?"
"Enumerate the Innerplanes - there are twelve. Name them."

pg 72

More questions

"Relate the major deities of Oerth  to the minor ones, and explain howthey relate to the forces of the Lower Planes."

And a few more.

The Roanwood is mentioned.

pg 74

Gord joins Grey College and a few details are mentioned. Rentish schnapps is mentioned.

pg 76

Chapter 8 begins and we find Gord in the High Quarter at the Patrcian's Club a luxurious gaming house.

Next pgs 77-100 for May 20th

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