Saturday, April 6, 2019

NPC - Vir'Veth Warrior-Mage

NPC  - Vir'Veth Warrior-Mage

During the giant incursions into Geoff in 576-577cy A mysterious elven figure was seen leading contingents of ogres, orcs and hobgoblins in the worst of the fighting. Now revealed to be a Drow, the dark splinter-race of elves that vomited from the Underoerth during those dark times, Vir'Veth was one of the first encountered by people of Geoff.

He rode a Nightmare and went armored as a warrior and cast spells as a mage. His weapons and armor bore powerful enchantments but during the last weeks of fighting his blade shattered as it met the power of the druid Haakul's staff and his armor was pierced by the arrows of the ranger Evest, she of the Lightning Bow. 

Vir'veth was not slain and to this day leads a band of outlaws and monsters who lair in the Crystalmist Mountains above the Hornwood.

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