Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #9


In this introduction to Wormy we see our favorite small-winged, cigar-smoking, cap-wearing green dragon hunched over his snooker table for the first time with his small devilish companion Irving (as yet unnamed) climbing over its gigantic side. The dull dark-red snooker-balls rest innocently on the table but are already are the focus of discord as a pack of angry dwarves come a-callin' to reclaim their stolen bowlin balls.


The Dwarves - 8 Stalwart, horned-helmeted (except for one with wings) well-armed and armored fellows appear on Wormy's doorstep demanding the return of their bowlin balls which Wormy has drafted for use on his snooker table. They are of an aggressive mien.
Panel 4

Irving - Wormy's little devil of a companion. Arrow-tailed, buck-toothed, big-nosed and red all over. He appears to be both nimble and from New Jersey.
Panel 1-5

Pittsburg - A place of fantasy, a strange parallel of our world or just a city where a large green pool-playing dragon can dwell unnoticed? I've been there and I can't decide.
Panel 5

Snooker Balls (Bowlin Balls in Dwarvish) - These dull red orbs seem harmless enough.
Panel 2, 3

Wormy - Our Hero - Large green-skinned dragon with a penchant for gaming, cigars and Pittsburgh, His relaxed attitude toward the personal property of others sets the stage for a wide ranging series of events to be further chronicled in upcoming strips.
Panels 1, 2, 5

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