Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #10


As this strip opens we can hear the angry Dwarves singing of their lost Bowling Balls and the revenge they will have of Wormy should he fail to forketh them over. Our heroes, Wormy and Irving pun and banter their way through the strip with a bit of foreshadowing (literally) of riddles and stumping as things to come.


Dwarves (Rockeaters):
Only their voices appear in this issue and the quality of their singing is unrevealed, but they do seem to think they can take on Wormy in his lair. They likes their Bowling Balls,
Panels 1

Our little red Demon with a club.
Panels 1-3,5,6

Mystic Mountains
Wormy dwells "far o'er" of them, and they are tall.
Panels 1

Wormy's sobriquet for Dwarves
Panels 1

Snooker Balls/Bowling Balls:
Still innocently lurking.
Panels 1-3

A CLASS Dragon who always stumps the chumps with a riddle, but did steal the Dwarves' bowling balls as unsurprisingly revealed in the last panel. Wormy is a Fire-Breathing Dragon according to Irving.
Panels 1-6

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