Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #12


Wormy is busy stumping the dwarves who came to retrieve their stolen bowling balls, but in this strip we get the view from afar. Frank and Dudly mark their first appearance in this strip but more importantly Dudly's removable eyebrows. As the boys make for an escarpment for a better view at a safe distance and with some cover in case of apple-eptic seizures on Wormy's part they can clearly see him in pursuit of one of the surviving dwarves who is fleeing in a blur of speed.


A fit or seizure
Panels 3

Dudly :
A troll with removable eyebrows armed with a reliable mallet. Companion to Frank
Panels 1-6

Well one nameless dwarf with a good turn of speed.
Panels 5

A troll armed with a cudgel. Companion to Dudly and seemingly on friendly terms with Wormy
Panels 1-6

A type of dance that seems to involve a good deal of stumping.
Panels 1

Our hero seen first stumping dwarves then in high pursuit of a surviving dwarf who is managing to outdistance him. Wormy is a pyromaniac in the opinion of the trolls
Panels 1,3,5

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