Friday, June 13, 2014

Muskethulhu - La Cour du Labyrinthe d'eau

2) La Cour du Labyrinthe d'eau

Home to the noted scholar and alienest Etienne Quatre-Etoiles there is said to be no finer collection of strange and ancient tomes within the Empire of Gaeliqa. The water-maze, which gives the vast mansion its name, contains a spring which never dries at its center, though finding one's way to the heart is a spiritual undertaking as well as physically and mentally challenging. Anyone attempting to plumb the depth of the maze must first navigate the fountains and pools to find its entrance which only appears on the first night of a new moon or the last night of the waning moon. Fasting and soul-cleansing are first taken within the Chapelle de la Lune and possession of the Clé d'Argent is required to unlock the gate.

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