Saturday, June 14, 2014

Muskethulhu - Der Palast des Herzogs Weiss


3) Der Palast des Herzogs Weiss

Herzog Rupert Von Whilhelm of the Holy Roman Empire is said to be the most cunning and evil man in all the Germanies. His rise to power was accompanied by the great war between Gaeliqa, his own Holy Roman Empire, and the endless plains of the Rus and Magyars to the east. To the south the Hellenes, Persian Empire, and Thothland joined in. Even the Five Kingdoms of Hind, The Great Han Empire and Nippon were drawn into what has become known as the World War. Some say it was the assassination of the East German King Franz that began the war, his body torn apart in a sealed chamber within his schloss, the shattered remains of his pendant Der Grüne Stern scattered about the limbs and disemboweled torso of the king.

According to Dame Petite-Colline and known only to certain of her subordinates within the  Enquêteur-Alchimiste Société and the Emperor himself, it was Rupert who summoned That Which Comes from Shadows and through the sacrifice of King Franz's wife and children caused the king to destroy Der Grune Stern which protected him.

Rupert's power has increased dramatically and what evil he plans within his palace none have been able to divine.

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