Monday, June 16, 2014

Muskethulhu - 4) Roheisen Festung

4) Roheisen Festung

At the mouth of the Vistula River, surrounded by the wildling tribes of the Old Faith stands Roheisen Festung home to the Rotes Eisen Brüderlichkeit, a once proud knightly order, now an organization of violence, terror and evil that has seldom been matched in history. Blood drenches their walls and the ground around their massive fortress-monastery where unspeakable rites and demonical tortures are a daily occurrence.

From their walls ride the armored men and mounts festooned with the shriveled hands of their victims, dried blood and dark rust etched into their flesh and plate. A blight comes from the ground about the fortress. Man and beast fall to the Red Death, the plants and trees writhe as if in pain, bloated worms, some as big as an ox, move through the soaked earth and the susurrations of a thousand thousand bloated flies is never ending.

Those who fall to the blight will eventually find their way to the Roheisen Festung and swell the growing numbers of the Rotes Eisen Brüderlichkeit.

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