Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Setting Night Below in Greyhawk Part 1 -Verbobonc


The adventure begins at the Wayfaring Inn - Verbobonc.

{I'm integrating the T1-4, A1-4, GDQ1-7 modules into Night Below. I've used Night Below to fill out the super-modules before but never the reverse. I'm setting the start of the campaign a few years after the events of T1-4 so the familiar locals of T1-4 will have changed. The Temple is till a nexus of evil but it is just starting to draw evil creatures and humans again. It will be much lower level and in keeping with the events of the Night Below rather than the supermodule.

Some parts of the Night Below are altered to fit the Greyhawk setting but the Haranshire area fits nicely into the lands around Verbobonc, The Kron Hills, Hommlett etc... Verbobonc is a great place to begind the adventure and a good place for players to return to when they need a city to resupply, recruit, seek help, etc... So I will be detailing parts of Verbobonc. The Night Below uses the small town of Milborne as the first detailed area of the adventure and for me Milborne makes a good Nulb from T1-4 so Milborne is now Nulb. Part of the described setting in Night Below and area of hills and mines; perfect for the Kron Hills.

The Temple is a handy local for an expanded headquarters for the kidnapping gang. Brokenspire Keep is akin to the Moat House in T1. A small fortification used by the Temple but abandoned and not suffering the same damage that the Moat House suffered.

Night Below begins the first adventure book as the Evils of Haranshire but in this conversion think of it as the Evils  of Verbobonc.}

The Wayfaring Inn - Verbobonc

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