Monday, August 28, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 5 Encounter

Encounter D: The Ant Colony

To the west of the Kai Monastery are low hills. In the aftermath of the destruction of the monastery the Kraan have been sent over the forests of the East, North and South to attack villages, freeholds towns and settlements as the forces of the Draklords move toward the cities. Some Giak forces were sent on foot to patrol the Western Hills.

The Kai Lords were great friends of nature and both wild animals and monstrous creatures were often allies. The Giant Ants of the Western Hills have longed maintained an amicable truce with the Kai Lords and have always despised Giaks.

Several large colonies of Giant Ants nest in the Western Hills but the nearest is of moderate size with several hundred workers and around 100 warriors. The Queen, Belszimon, is willing to give shelter to the characters and any servants of the Kai, but is unwilling to do more than send escorts to the other nests. 

Beneath the chambers of the colony is a great river that can take the characters to the other nests on the western border as well as further underground encounters.

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