Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Encounter Part 3

Encounter B: Kraan Above

As the characters make there way through the woods they are overflown by a large Kraan. The beast circles several times before flying off. After a half hour the Kraan flies overhead again and if the characters  have not kept to heavy woods it comes crashing down and makes a bite attack against  random character. The Kraan gets a -3 to the attack and is 3HD (16HP) Bite 1d4dmg. The Kraan will immediately fly off.

About an hour later the players will come to a clearing with a large rock outcrop on one side with a pool of water beneath it. A body is collapsed near the pool wearing chain mail and the tabard of the Kai. (One of the slain guardsmen from the monastery). The chainmail bears +1 AC enchantment and weighs no more than leather armor. The characters are aware of the 'enchanted' armor of the Kai Guards.

If anyone approaches the pool the Kraan launches itself from where it is hidden atop the rocks and attack.

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