Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NPC 1. Ch'lvendn

NPC 1. Ch'lvendn - M-U Lvl 9 H.P. 27 AC: (10)

Ch'lvendn was born on the rolling hills of the northern plains beyond the city of Uzuldaroum near the Lake of Rust. She traveled with her people the Barovoz who cross the empty places between the northern cities in long caravans protected by their horsemen, their shamans and their wielders of magic (who are all female among the Barovoz). Her mother was a powerful figure in the council of the Three Elders who lead them and her daughter inherited much of her mother's ability but none of her desire to stay among the people.

When Ch'lvendn was old enough to become a journeywoman among the practitioners of magic she disappeared from the Barovoz during a quest to the ruins of once great Commoriom  and traveled south and east increasing her skill, finding adventure and making a small name for herself among the cities and people of the more populous and less cold south.

Currently she has a small residence in the City-State of Ptolemides but she is not often found at home. She is no longer the teenage girl riding fearlessly away from all that she once knew, but her desire for power, treasure and adventure is still as strong.

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