Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Raid - Post 1

The Raid

Inspired by the zine Mystic Pangolin's "Port of Call - Haefod" I've begun a project to create an adventure mixed with a random encounter system that uses decks of cards instead of the more traditional paragraph system found in Solo adventure books such as Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf.

This is a crude map of Wealstown on Sea, a port often stopped at by traders and small merchants who ply the coast or cross the Straight Sea for nearby foreign ports. It is known for its fishing and the loose virtue of its tavern wenches. Unfortunately it has also been espied by a band of Northmen who are currently plundering the town.

The adventurers have lodged for the night in a dock-side tavern only to be awoken by the smell of smoke and the sound of screams.

The cards will represent encounters and events. Map locations will be numbered and lettered with both set descriptions and random card draws. Some cards will have unique descriptions and will be discarded or kept for reference while others will be returned to the deck.

These posts will showcase the work in progress but hopefully I can work out a solo random card adventure system that can also be used by a DM with a little alteration as a more traditional adventure scenario.

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