Friday, March 7, 2014

Appendix Z - E.R. Eddison

Appendix Z - E. R. Eddison

When people speak of High Fantasy they most often speak of Tolkien, but while Tolkien's highly detailed work may fall under that category it is E.R. Eddison who should be the example of it. His work is a grand affair with a style and prose that reflects an otherworldly look at knights and empires, champions and villains, with a taste of Spencer and Malory. His books are rich and lush with the stories told more as legends and fables with an account of great wrongs and great deeds more than they do as novels of people or portrayals of life, even fantastic lives. Think a much lighter Silmarillion, to use the Tolkien example further, than The Hobbit or even The Lord of the Rings. In this way, while not overly complex, the prose is not light reading either. I find his books filled with a treasure trove of ideas rather than rich characters and story, but well worth the reading.

The Worm Ouroboros
Mistress of Mistresses
A Fish Dinner in Memison
The Mezentian Gate


Egil's Saga.

Styrbiorn the Strong 

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