Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Appendix Z - Arthur Machen

Along with Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen is one of the spiritual fathers of both Lovecraft and CAS. His work is a combination of horror and mysticism. His prose is 19th century with a taste of victorian gothic. His ideas are bizzare and twisted like an opium induced dream or a hashish eaters nightmare. I personally found some of his work boring but other stories were fantastic. The Hill of Dreams, The House of Souls, The Great God Pan, should be on every weird tales to read list.
Eleusinia (1881) poem

The Anatomy of Tobacco (1884) non-fiction (as " Leolinus Siluriensis" )

Chronicles of Clemendy (1888) " a volume of tales in the medieval pattern"

The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light (1894) supernatural stories

The Three Imposters (1895) episode novel; picaresque romance, terror

Hieroglyphics (1902) about literature

Dr. Stiggins (1906) about theology

The House of Souls (1906) supernatural stories (The White People, The

Great God Pan, and The Inmost Light

The Hill of Dreams (1907) mystical novel (written 1895-97)

The Bowmen, and Other Legends of the War (1915) short stories
(includes "The Angel of Mons" )

The Great Return (1915) the return to Wales of the Holy Grail

The Terror (1917) novella -- animals revolt against humans

The Secret Glory (1922) attacked British public education

Far Off Things (1922) autobiography

Things Near and Far (1923) autobiography

Strange Roads (1923) nonfiction
The London Adventure (1924) autobiography

Dog and Duck (1924) miscellany

The Shining Pyramid (1924) supernatural stories

Ornaments in Jade (1924) short prose pieces bordering on fantasy or horror

The Canning Wonder (1925) about the Elizabeth Canning case

Notes and Queries (1926) nonfiction

Dreads and Drolls (1926) nonfiction

Translation, Casanova's Memoirs (1930, 12 vol.)

Children of the Pool (1936) supernatural stories

The Cosy Room (1936) supernatural stories

The Green Round (1936) supernatural novel

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (1948)

Eleusinia and Beneath the Barley (Necronomicon Press, 1988) poem and essay

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