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Verbobonc - Sir Anglrieve's Manor - Part 4 The Map 5-9

Verbobonc - Sir Anglrieve's Manor - Part 4 The Map 5-9                   

Graph squares are 5feet x 5feet

4. Gate Walkway

The Gate Walkway (or Upper Walkway) above contains the mechanism for lifting the Draw-bridge. The mechanism and chains are part of the enchantment and are extremely resistant to normal damage. There are two winding spindles on the wall of the walkway and the chain wraps around them but turns into a thin silver wire instead of the ponderous links that appear outside of the wall connected to the bridge. By placing a hand on the side of the spindle and turning a small crank the Draw-bridge can be raised quickly and easily and lowered in a reverse turning. Both spindles must be activated at the same time requiring two people to operate it.

Beneath the walkway a normal gate can be closed to bar the entrance if the Drawbridge is lowered. A crossbeam requiring a strength total of 36 is needed to lift the beam into place. 

During the day the Draw-bridge is lowered and the gate shut until entrance is requested. The guards from the towers are responsible for handling the gate and the Draw-Bridge. At nightfall the Draw-bridge is raised and the gate shut and barred.

5. The Wall Walkway is 10 feet wide and runs the circumphrence of the manor except for the towers and the Gate Walkway. There are several ladders kept at various points for access or they can be accessed through the third floor of the Gate Towers. 

Each section of wall is walked by at least 1 bow-armed guardsman night and day.

6. There is a 10 foot grass verge between the base of the wall and the Moat.

7. The Hideworker lives here with her husband and two children. She is both a lightly experienced Ranger and one of the manor's hunters as is her husband. During times of trouble they make room for several of her relatives and pack the place with sleeping mats.

There are archer-holes cut in the two walls facing the grounds.

8. The Wagon Shed has room for one wagon but mainly contains tools and supplies for repairing or even constructing a wagon. During times of trouble local farmers sleep here if the Main Buildings are full. Otherwise during trouble at least two militia will be stationed here.

There are archer-holes cut in the wall facing the grounds.

9. The Wainright

The Wainright and his wife and daughter live in this small one room house. During times of trouble they move into the great hall and at least two miltia members will be stationed here. If the main hall is overflowing then the house will be used for housing.

There are archer-holes cut in the wall facing the grounds.

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