Sunday, March 25, 2018

NPC - CSIO - Rizome the Barkeep - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Rizome is an Ex-Adventurer who was a henchmen of Bibulis 'bck in the day'. While a skilled fighter he began life carrying a torch and lugging packs on his back. He managed to survive and became quite skilled with the sword and thrown hand axe. He performs an act with some of the braver dancing girls tossing axes at them, cutting hair from wigs they wear while spinning on sideways wheel, having the heads of flowers shaved off as they hold them in their mouth, and such like.

He is not a tall man but very broad like a dwarf but human-sized. If there is trouble he acts as a bouncer for the bar, though there are six regular brusers on hand at all times hired by Bibulis for just such pccasions.

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