Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4


The halls in this complex are unlit but there are sconces to hold torches at each corner and about every 30ft. This short hallway also has silver manacles set every 10ft along the south wall, The manacles can be broken free of the wall if struck several times with a mace, hammer or sword. Each set of manacles has 40sp worth of silver metal.


This short hallway ends in a stout wooden door with a wooden handle. The handle keeps the door shut if closed but there is no lock and turning it will open the door,


This oddly shaped room holds tables with tightly woven wicker baskets. Inside each basket are two ferrets. There are ten baskets. Beneath two of the tables are wooden chests. These hold ferret food. If the baskets are left open the ferrets will escape.

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