Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NPC 2 Amaris

NPC 2 Amaris - Half-Elf -Cleric/Ranger Str 13/ Wis 17/ Dex 17

Amaris was brought up on the outskirts of Greyhawk with no memory of her parents. She was found wandering along the edges of the Gnarley Forest by a hunter and was raised among his own large brood of children. Her Half-elven heritage was readily apparent but whether it was her mother or her father who was the human was unknown. The elves of Celene and their kin would not acknowledge her and no one in the area north and east of the Gnarley knew where she had come from.

Her adopted father Calder at first took no more interest in her than his other numerous children but soon her natural ability at woodscraft and her skill with the bow made her his constant companion. With Calder's son Jerek and his daughter Caren, both older than Amaris, he hunted up and down the east of the Gnarley and sold his pelts, smoked meats and exotic catches to buyers in the City of Greyhawk itself. It was there that Amaris became devotee of the Wandering God Fharlanghn.

For many years Amaris wandered the Gnarly Forest and the Welkwood increasing her skills as a ranger and practicing her faith among those that needed the God's bounty. She became a companion to a Half-Elf druid who had a grove in the northern Welkwood but on his death at the hands of a group of mercenaries in the service of the Elder Elemental God she began to devote herself to hunting all such down.

While Amaris will still help those in need, especially wanderers, she is now found more often on quests involving the death of cultist, brigands and rogues or the despoiling of their places of power or worship. She turns to her bow more often than her prayers to Fharlanghn and is much distrusting and wary than her younger self would ever have imagined.

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