Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hyperborea - The Island Fortress of Boyan the Wizard Part 1


The Island Fortress of Boyan the Wizard Part 1

Before the time of man there were the Gods. Perun the Thunderer was the strongest and Veles the Snake was his brother. They split the world and chose the realms that they would rule. The contest they fought over this choice raised mountains in ash and fire, caused storms that drained the sea and floods that swept the Earth bare. While Perun was the stronger Veles was smarter, crafty and skilled with magic.

The struggle went on for ages and they created allies from the seeds of life to be found. The early Lizard Kings and their beasts aided them, but while they were the first children of Veles many were swayed by the raw power of Perun and betrayed their divine father. As the strife continued and the ages passed all manner of bird, beast and finally man were created.

The northern top of the world was carved from the earth and moved to a place beyond time. It became a gateway to other places, other times and other possibilities.  It became a place of legend. It became Hyperborea.


Boyan the Wizard is a servant of Veles. He has ruled the northern islands for countless years, but it has been years longer since he was last seen. Still the people of the islands have been under his rulership for all the years that he has been gone. Boyan's fortress is set upon one of a cluster of small islands near the northern coast. His ships and flying beasts kept the farmers and fisherman of the towns and villages under check, collected the tithes in slaves and treasure, and recruited boys to become soldiers in the wizard's service.

Then the storm came and with the crash of lightening, the lash of torrential rain, the wind that broke walls, uprooted trees and foundered ships, the secret worshipers of Perun rose up and struck against the servants of Boyan and regained their freedom.

For long weeks the last of the wizard's servants were hunted down, but to everyone's surprise there has been no sign of the wizard or his steward and the council of apprentices who rule in the name of the wizard. Finally an expedition has been put together; warriors, clerics of Perun and the hidden Gods, magicians (who are not entirely trusted) and even thieves from Debent, largest of the towns formerly under the sway of the Boyan. With a small ship and crew who will take them to the wizard's fortress and then retreat to the safety of the nearby islands to prepare a camp and wait for a signal to return, this adventurous group will set out to explore the fortress and report back on what they find.

This is an open ended adventure for 5 to 10 characters levels 4 to 6. A well balanced party is recommended. (Welcome to the 1st draft). 

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