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Appendix Z - M. John Harrison

Appendiz Z - M. John Harrison

I could say who he writes like, but really he only writes like himself. I'm sorry to say I've only read his Virconium stories and only his first two books of that series multiple times (especially The Pastel City) but this is a fantastic and richly imaginative series both beautiful and sad and hopeful with the thought that humanity could have reached the heights from which it fell. I could tell you of The Pastel City and Virconium but I will not. You need to have the pleasure of reading them for yourself and seeing the great and magical and technologically wondrous remains of mankind (man and woman if not as entirely human as we would call ourselves now and still basically human with our flaws and desires) for yourself.

Mr. Harrison is still writing and has his own blog lucky enough for us.


A Storm of Wings (1980)
A Young Man's Journey to Viriconium (1985)
Variant Title: A Young Man's Journey to London (1985)
The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius (Parts 9 & 10) (1993) with Michael Moorcock and Mal Dean and Richard Glyn Jones [only as by Michael Moorcock and M. John Harrison and Mal Dean and R. Glyn Jones ]
Anima (2005)
Baa Baa Blocksheep (1968)
The Bait Principle (1970)
Black Houses (1998)
The Causeway (1971)
The Centauri Device (1974)
Coming from Behind (1973)
The Committed Men (1971)
The Course of the Heart (1992)
The Dancer from the Dance (1985)
The Dead (1992) with Simon Ings
The East (1996)
Egnaro (1981)
Empty (1995)
Empty Space (2012)
Entertaining Angels Unawares (2002)
Events Witnessed From a City (1975)
The Floating Nun (Excerpt from The Committed Men) (1970)
Forever (1989) also appeared as:
Variant Title: The Horse of Iron and How We Can Know It and Be Changed by It Forever (1989)
GIFCO (1992)
The Gift (1988)
The Golden Cat (1998) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]
The Good Detective (2007)
The Great God Pan (1988)
Green Five Renegade (1969)
Guilty! (1971)
I Did It (1996)
The Ice Monkey (1980)
The Ice Monkey and Other Stories (1983)
In Autotelia (2012)
In Viriconium (1982) Variant Title: The Floating Gods (1983)
The Incalling (1978)
Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring (1994)
Keep Smiling with Great Minutes (2008)
The Knot Garden (2000) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]
The Lamia and Lord Cromis (1971)
Variant Title: The Lamia & Lord Cromis (2000)
Lamia Mutable (1972)
Variant Title: The Bringer with the Window (1972)
Light (2002)
London Melancholy (1969)
The Lords of Misrule (1984)
The Luck in the Head (1984)
The Macbeth Expiation (1968)
The Machine in Shaft Ten (1972) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]
The Machine in Shaft Ten and Other Stories (1975)
Marina (1966)
The Neon Heart Murders (2000)
The New Rays (1982)
Nonesuch (2002) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]
The Nostalgia Story (1970)
Nova Swing (2006)
Old Women (1984)
The Orgasm Band (1975)
Parietal Games: Critical Writings by and on M. John Harrison (2005) with Mark Bould and Michelle Reid
The Pastel City (1971)
Pearlant (2012)
The Quarry (1983)
Ring of Pain (1971)
The Rio Brain (1996) with Simon Ings
Running Down (1975)
Science & The Arts (1999)
Settling the World (1975)
Seven Guesses of the Heart (1996)
Signs of Life (1997)
Small Heirlooms (1987)
Strange Great Sins (1983)
Suicide Coast (1999)
Things That Never Happen (2002)
Tourism (2004) also appeared as:
Variant Title: Tourists (2004)
Travel Arrangements (2000)
Two Extracts from a New Book (2006)
Viriconium (1988)
Viriconium Knights (1981)
Viriconium Nights (1984)
Visions of Monad (1968)
The Wild Road (1997) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]
'The Wolf That Follows' (1974)

Absorbing the Miraculous (1974)
The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius: The English Assassin (1980) with Richard Glyn Jones and Mal Dean and Michael Moorcock [only as by Michael Moorcock and M. John Harrison and Malcolm Dean and Richard Glyn Jones ]
The Answer Is Chicago (1969)
Author's Introduction (Things That Never Happen) (2002)
Author's Note (The Floating Gods) (1983)
Author's Note (Viriconium Nights) (1984)
Big Brother Is Twenty-One (1970) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]
The Black Glak (1972)
Breakthrough (1987)
By Tennyson Out of Disney (1971)
Coming to Life (1975)
Essay: A Literature of Comfort (1971)
Filling Us Up (1973)
Introduction (334) (1976)
Introduction (The Chrysalids) (2000)
Introduction (The Golden Barge) (1979)
Introduction (The Tain) (2002)
Introduction (The Vaccinator) (1999)
Letter (Foundation #33) (1985)
Notes from the Ivory Basement (1979)
Paperbag (1969) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]
The Problem of Sympathy (1972)
The Profession of Fiction (1989)
The Profession of Science Fiction
The Rape of the Possible (1987)
Read This (NYRSF, October 1994) (1994)
Read This (NYRSF, September 1997) (1997)
Sweet Analytics (1975)
To the Stars and Beyond on the Fabulous Anti-Syntax Drive (1973)
Trouble at t'White House (1969)
Why I Write Space Opera (2003)
Vorwort (Die Triffids) (2012)

A Raging Calm (1969) by Stan Barstow
Alph (1973) by Charles Eric Maine
The Chalk Giants (1975) by Keith Roberts
Crybaby of the Western World (1969) by John Leonard
Dance of the Dwarfs (1969) by Geoffrey Household
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1969) by Philip K. Dick
Escape from Kathmandu (1990) by Kim Stanley Robinson
Excalibur (1975) by Sanders Anne Laubenthal
Floating Opera (1969) by John Barth
The Folk of the Air (1987) by Peter S. Beagle
The Getting Into Death (1975) by Thomas M. Disch
Guzman Go Home (1969) by Alan Sillitoe
Heathern (1990) by Jack Womack
Ipomoea (1973) by John Rackham
King Queen Knave (1969) by Vladimir Nabokov
Kiteworld (1985) by Keith Roberts
Masque of a Savage Mandarin (1975) by Philip Robinson
Mirror Image (1973) by Michael G. Coney
The New Apocrypha (1975) by John Sladek
O-Zone (1987) by Paul Theroux
The Paradise Motel (1990) by Eric McCormack
Port of Saints (1981) by William S. Burroughs
Preserve and Protect (1969) by Allen Drury
Pstalemate (1973) by Lester del Rey
Restoree (1969) by Anne McCaffrey
The Sheep Look Up (1975) by John Brunner
Solar Lottery (1968) by Philip K. Dick (co-reviewed with Robert Meadley ) [only as by R. G. Meadley and M. John Harrison ]
The Ticket That Exploded (1969) by William Burroughs
To Ride Pegasus (1975) by Anne McCaffrey

The Universe Makers (1973) by Donald A. Wollheim

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  1. The Pastel City is one of my all time favorite stories.