Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oerthly Encounters Red Hanlan and Black Harris Part 3

#2 Falil, human male, (Level 4 Magic User) Lyndos' aid
Int 17 Dex 16 HP11, AL NE, AGE 35

Physical Description:
Falil is short 5"4', dark haired, fullbearded and stout. He is surprising quick and agile. He has an intricate tattoo on his forearm. It contains in code the words which will activate the magic wand he carries. He has a terrible memory.

He wears a black hood on raids, just a simple black cloth bag with eye and nose holes cut into it. Over his normal old brown robe he wears a large black cape.

Falil is the son of a Sterich merchant. His only interest was in magic and since he showed noaptitude for the family business he was apprenticed to a local mage of minor power. While studying with the mage a magical construct went awry killing the mage and the two other apprentices. Falil was accused of their murder but was actually innocent. He fled and was found by Black Harris sleeping along the bank of the Javan river. At the urging of Lyndos they spared the apprentice mage. Under the vigorous tutelage of Lyndos, Falil has proven to be an apt student, handy with languages and copying scrolls.

Personality and attitude:
Falil is devoted to Lyndos. He is a lazy unassuming character who would liked to have simply lived out his life on his father's estate.

Falil is able to memorize 1 less spell/ level than he would be allowed for his intelligence. He knows only those spells which Lyndos will teach him. He has no spell book of his own but normally has memorized;
Sleep, Magic Missile & Invisibility

20 steel bullets
Wand of Magic Missiles (12 charges)
Mule, Henry


  1. You know, I like that tattoo code word idea!

  2. I love his bad memory. it gives added urgency for him to memorize his spells each night!

    "So how did that Magic Missile go again?"

  3. I've been reading through Jack Vance's Dying Earth and the spell memorization mechanic is so D&D, but with such style and character in the stories.

    I just can't see Greyhawk as existing in the same way without some connection to the AD&D rules. The rulebooks are to me the physics of the world setting. Change them too much and you change the setting itself. Use them in the right way and they add a style and character to the setting and the game in the same way that Vance added a certain style and character to his Dying Earth.