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City of Greyhawk Labor Quarter

City of Greyhawk Labor Quarter

SooC = Saga of Old City

SooC P14, 15
... at the edge of the worst part of the Slum Quarter near the better sector where menial laborers and others of that ilk lived. This was unsafe territory for an urchin as these working people didn't want Gord's kind around...

Gord slid into the narrow space of a boarded-up doorway... The narrow alley he was in gave onto a wide lane just ahead. He saw occasional figures passing the mouth of the passage... glancing up, Gord saw ... a line of washing hung out to dry on the rooftop across the way.

... he ascended the gap by pressing his feet against one wall and his back and palms against the other.

...entered Killcat Lane from disused alley...

NOTE: Slight map discrepancy. The edge of the Slum Quarter and the Labor Quarter appear to be separated by the south-west corner of the Brewer's Quarter. The narrow and disused alley could be a passage from the Slum Quarter through the Brewer's Quarter and come out on Killcat Lane in the Labor Quarter. The border lines of the various Quarters are also noted as not set in stone so the Labor Quarter north-west corner could have shifted and connected with the slum quarter.

NOTE: Unnamed narrow disused alley connects with Killcat lane. Narrow, boarded-up doorway within alley. Cloths hung from rooftop. Alley is narrow enough so that a small boy can climb to roof by putting back against one wall and feet against the other. (3 foot width?)

SooC P15
From the look of him he could have been one of dozens of lads who traveled in this vicinity, a link-boy or bound-boy of some sort on an errand for master or mistress - perhaps even the son of a local resident. A closer look might have brought a question to the observer's mind, however. Although the worn blouse and baggy trousers were clean, the wearer most certainly was not. And where were the lad's sandals?

NOTE: Link-boy, bound-boy professions. Young boys travel unattended through the Labor Quarter. Boys are normally clean and wear sandals. Blouse and baggy trousers and sandals are normal garb.

SooC P15
... he could move freely through this part of the quarter to the Foreign Quarter nearby.

NOTE: Possible map discrepancy. The distance between the Slum Quarter and the Foreign Quarter should be nearly one and one-half miles (if the scale of the City of Greyhawk is as presented in the City of Hawks novel; 3 miles to the inch). The flow of the narrative is suggestive of a much shorter distance

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