Saturday, March 23, 2019

Project - Languages of Oerthly Magic - Burning Hands

I have to sit down and work out what earthly languages I based these on. Latin for Suel I seem to remember. Elven might be Finnish...

This helps me when I'm writing Greyhawk fiction but it also adds a little detail to the game. I like to have cards for each spell memorized and the player turns them in as he casts them. His spellbook is a deck of cards and he chooses which ones he memorizes from the deck including duplicates of spells. I have the spells vocal component written out at the top of the card in the language of the spellbook. Players in tournaments and long term campaigns seemed to like it.

Languages of Oerthly Magic - Burning Hands

2). Burning Hands

Amedian - Moto Mikono (Mo-To Me-Ko-No)

Bakluni (Ancient) - Eller Yan (El-Er An)

Drow - Kezeben Yg (Ke-Ze-Ben Eg)

Dwarven - Barende Haende (Bar-En-De Ha-En-De)

Elven - Potava Kaes (Pa-Ta-Va Ka-Is)

Flan - Lama Do (La-Ma Do)

Fruz - Breande Haende (Bre-An-De Ha-En-De)

Giantish - Brende Hade (Bre-An-De Ha-De)

Gnomish - Barende Haende (Bar-En-De Ha-En-De)

Oeridian - Zaen Ruke (Za-En Ruk)

Olman - Kayel Erem (Ka-Il Er-Em)

Suel - Arden Manus (Ar-Den Man-Us)

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