Friday, March 22, 2019

Project - Languages of Oerthly Magic - Affect Normal Fires

This was a project I was working to list all the vocal elements for spells. It was a certain level of detail that I had starting getting into when I began writing stories about Greyhawk but it also helped with game-play in giving magic-users something to do other than just saying they cast magic missile; I had have them say the vocal component of the spell.

I never finished it and now need to figure out which languages I was using as a basis.

Languages of Oerthly Magic - Affect Normal Fires

1). Affect Normal Fires

Amedian - Kutire Moto A Kaed (Ku-Tir -Ee Mo-To A Ka-Ed)

Bakluni (Ancient) - Angenlare Etkill (An-Gen-La-Ri Et-Kil)

Drow - Befola Sol Tuzek (Be-Fol-A Sol Tu-Zek)

Dwarven - Paver Barde (Pa-Vir-Ka Bar-De)

Elven - Vaketta Tulpall (Va-Ket- Ta Tul-Pal)

Flan - Defare Tintanat (Di-Far Tin-Te Nat)

Fruz - Ar Ae Elelga Elde (Ar A El-Il-Ga El-Da)

Giantish - Yswerkan Barde (Us-Vir-Ken Bar-De)

Gnomish - Envode Barde (In-Vod Bar-De)

Oeridian - Veat Porove (Vi-At Po-Rov)

Olman - Catraba Ti Patikkum (Ca-Ta-Ra-Na Ti Pa-Tik-Kum)

Suel - Igne C'Da Ef (Ig-Ne See-Da Af)

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  1. I did a similar thing with a character of mine who spoke the verbal components of all of his spells. Most of the time I created the wording by speaking the name of the spell in reverse. (Spells and character were from 4th ed)Example: Sacred Flame was... E Malf Dercas (hard empahsis on the E)


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