Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mini - I See Yeti and it wants to sing Opera

O Solo Meow!

Just received a box full of Yeti (and I don't mean the Bicycle, those people are just sick, I try to filch a picture of my brand spanking new Yeti mini from the net and the first gadzillion images are Bicycles). These guys look great. I will be running/writing a campaign novel about the Frost Giant Jarl and besides Frost Giants (and a Remorhaz) I needed me some Yeti and the God of pre-painted miniatures came through. This is a pretty wicked looking mini. In person he looks more like he is going to rip your lungs out but then-again so do many opera singers. I wouldn't have wanted to stand between Pavarotti and a pork-chop. Mine are decidedly less blue and the fur is greyish white rather than Bumble/Wompa white as seen in the above purloined photo.These guys are big enough to be useful with my Reaper Bones minis as well as towering over my little WotC guys. A truly wonderful addition to the world of 1e AD&D Monster Miniatures.

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