Monday, December 8, 2014

Sedition Wars

My MM black friday box arrived today with a couple of boxes of the Sedition Wars core set ($17 a pop). I should have brought a bigger boat and ordered a few more of these. It looks to be a pretty big box of chocolates. 

The reports about the minis being sub-par are out of line. I wonder if people were reacting to the scale (looks to be 28mm 1/56 as they look to be a size with the Hammer of the Gods Saxon minis I've been painting) and compared them to Bones minis who are larger. The detail work came through fine with the hard plastic though I immediately think 'brittle' as I see and handle it. I wish they would have left them on the sprue but dab a little glue on a piece of cork (thank goodness for my wine addiction) and they might even be easier to paint.

I was worried about assembly from all the complaints about the minis I'd read on BGG but most of Marines (or whatever the hell they are called, I'm calling 'em Bruce just to save any confusion) anyway, most of the Marines are two piece from what I can see, just glue the gun/arm/hand piece to the body (pretty much like my 40k base set from years ago, the one with the gretchen and ugly orks), and then glue them to a base (and the bases are amazing) and the Zombies (or whatever they are called) are one-piece except for the big guys. People should have had the 40K base set Eldar that were skinny little bastards in a jillion pieces.

At $90 bucks I would have been disappointed as Space Hulk would have been an immediate comparison. At $17 this is an amazing deal. Hopefully it will be an MM deal of the Day or New Years day sale again because the parts make this a fantastic deal. I'm not up on mini prices, but can you purchase 50 detailed textured bases for $17? The bases really need to be sung about. They are a variety of patterns and all have a wonderful look for a sci-fi game. 

Now the minis, just the grunts and regular zombies, I think would have to go for more than $20+ on their own. The 4 heroes and drone, another $5-$10 there, and the ugly beasties, with the big, bigger and biggest  another $5 to $10. Then there is a pack of green translucent squares which could be used as bases themselves (and some blue and red discs that are stackable), Couple of sheets of counters and some dark, but nicely drawn square gameboards.  For $17 (and free USA shipping for $100 orders at MM, so pretty much $17),

Then there is the game. If it is good after all the overhalls, I've downloaded the new solo rules, then fantastic, but I can use the minis for about a dozen tactical wargames already and this particular rule system will either be something new or something ignored for me. The rulebook is at least nice looking with some painting ideas.

All in all it seems a good buy at $29 (current price) but something to grab onto at $20 or less. Hard to believe all the crap people have said about the components of this core set even if they are spot on about the rules sucking (and that is something I will be looking at myself).


  1. That looks nice. Is it kid friendly ( not overly complex) and link?


    Here is a link to the BGG entry for Sedition Wars. You can find a forum section. The reviews are informative and the general talk about it was quite lively. It is very quiet at the moment and seems to have been for some time now. I thought the minis to be very nice quality but not kid friendly. I haven't read the rulebook but I have heard the rules are terrible. They've come out with updated rules so they may be better. What drew me to it was the low price and huge number of miniatures. If you have ever put together and 40K or Space Hulk or Warhammer Fantasy minis then these shouldn't be a problem.


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