Saturday, February 15, 2014

25). Keleron The Mad - Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art

25). Keleron The Mad

Keleron was born on the banks of the Sunless Sea. His mother, a priestess of the Spider Queen, his father, a human mage of vast power. He should never have been born, and once born he should have been sacrificed on the blood-soaked alter of the Dark Elves. Instead he was simply abandoned on the lightless bank to perish or survive as the fates degreed.

The spiders found him. Why the saved him is not understood, but they took the babe and spun him in a cocoon of silk then carried him back to their caverns. They fed him on blood and taught him the language of the dark. Quickly, quickly he grew to be a man, half-elven, filled with grace and intellect, and as part man he grew tall and strong.

Within the black realm of the spiders, deep at the center of their domain, was the chamber of pain. Something rested there that the spider-kind loved and feared above all things; worshipped more than the Spider Queen and never spoken of except twice in a lifetime.

Twice would those of Spider-kind visit the chamber. Once when the desire to breed would come upon them and once more when death sang its song to them and pulled at their twisted souls.

When Keleron grew to manhood the spiders led him down ancient passages, over chasms bridged by webs, past the Husk Guardians and the Mirror Children, through the Door of Glass and left him to walk the final twisting steps to the chamber.

When Keleron returned he was no longer sane, no longer simply elven or man. Something burned inside of him. It flared from the bloody holes where his eyes once were, from his navel where the terror had entered and hollowed out his soul. From the great treasure hoard of the spiders he retrived the edgeless Blade of Ice that steamed the air beside him and froze the words of men before they could be spoken. In his left hand he carried the Winged Staff whose light was a deadly beam that withered the denizens of the underworld at a touch.

Keleron turned upon the spiders, his foster parents, purged the caverns, sought out the dark elves and the Spider Queen. He has swept through the dark elven cities and cleansed them of unbelievers, renewed the strength of the Spider Queen's faith and become her champion. His armor is formed from her own chitin and his helm from a bestial demon of the abyss. He has turned his eyeless face upon the upperworld and yearns to make his loathsome queen the ruler of his father's race.

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