Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art - 6

6). The Death of Haladin Man-Slayer

Haladin Man-Slayer is carried through the halls of the great mountain fortress of Daradim to be laid to rest in the tomb of his ancestors deep beneath the earth.

In recent years of the Mid-World's history nothing has proven as grim and costly as the wars between man and dwarf. Perhaps it was the expansion of the Empire into the mountains and valleys of the north-east or maybe it was the dwarven lust for gold and the slaughter of the human miners at Ten-River Gorge, the depredations and atrocities were many, but however it began seven years of grueling and merciless combat soon came to an end with the death of Haladin Man-Slayer, greatest of dwarven heroes in this age of the world.

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