Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inspiring Illustrations - The Robin Kills a Man in a Bunny Suit

2) The Robin kills a man in a bunny suit

The Cult of the Hare was a pernicious plague in the land of Gilliead and the King's foresters fought a continual battle against these demented invaders of the wildwood.

Brewer, baker, candlestick maker by day, these men would don their costumes of rabbit-fur, compleat with ears, and filter into the woods at dusk to perform their perverse and bizarre rituals.

The chief forester of the King, called The Robin, is shown here slaying a cult member in full regalia.  But no matter how many of these cult members are slain more pop up seemingly without end. As The Robin says, "they seem to breed like rabbits."


  1. Thanks Dave, I have this 1912 Robin Hood Golden Book filled with great illustrations. They always make me want to write my own Robin Hood stories.


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