Wednesday, April 3, 2019

NPC/Deity - Sutek the Destroyer

NPC/Deity  - Sutek the Destroyer

Sutek was an ancient Bakluni deity of death, oblivion and destruction. He was trapped in limbo by his brother and sister deities managing to wreck havok on the Baklunish pantheon before he was trapped in a limbo prison between the prime and negative material planes. 

After the Invoked Devastation some of the wards to his prison were damaged and his malign influence began to seep out. The Bakluni have always had a strong connection with death. Possibly the influence of the vast sands of their western regions and the preservative powers of their sorcerors lead to a rediscovery of Sutek and the rise of necromacers and his cult. 

Recently the release of Zuggtmoy triggered a sympathetic fracture in the prison wards of Sutek and the power of his clerics has never been greater. They are a rising threat among the Baklunish states and a contingent of priests, cultists and necromancers are headed toward Verbobonc to investigate the Temple of Elemental Evil and any links to Sutek's wards.

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