Thursday, February 28, 2019

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NPC List

4 Ram-Men Leaders
Agis-Snel the Sage
Alarak Son of Chaos
Albrecht the Bearded and his Imp Familiar Xertur
Aspect of Iuz
Azagba - Warrior Chief of the Hepmonland Forest Hunter Tribe
Back from the Dungeon
Baron Ambrus of Blackmoor and his Half-Shedu Mount Gyozo
The Beggar King
Bhionn the Half-Drow
Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Czylle
The Blue Wolves Company
Bovine the Bloody
Cadwyr, Garem and Mahel
Captain Aelfrick of the Verbobonc Lancers
Cardboard Hero - 1-8 The Archer
Cardboard Hero 1-9 Crossbowman
CSIO - Aliadar Half-Ogress - Boot & Strap - Barter Street
CSIO Bakrog the Beastly - Beggar Street - The Silver Goblet
CSIO - Bull Jirlmore - Beggar Street - Constables Barracks
CSIO Crusty Bibulis - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye
CSIO - Grunting Eudeina the Bellydancer - Barter Street - The    Balor's Eye 
CSIO - Karugy One-Eye - Barter Street - Boot & Strap
CSIO - Nervy Bnazoth - Beggars' Street - Seal Maker
CSIO - Rizome the Barkeep - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye
CSIO Vederburn the Minstrel - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye
Down There?
Drow Warrior Gyr'On
Durbar of Clan Steel Mountain
Eclavdra's Sister
Erik One-Eye
The Friendly Halfling Collection Agency - Repo Team
Gar Hill-Giant Mutation Giant-Killer
The God-Queen Neferu of Zeif
The Green Knight of Greyhawk
The Green Woman
Handsome Hartlak
Hinchcliffe the Wizard
Hugo Claydog of Hommlet
Inkeri of the Hela'sons
Jaroo's Mother
Kal'Merg and D'Rald
Kalman Laughingstaff
Krellk & Slather
Lady Graysteel of Verbobonc
Lyosha the Blade
Madame Sartenna
Magda's Divinations
Master, Journeyman Apprentice
The Minotaur - Graxus
Mother Screng of Nulb
The Nulb River Pirates
Orcs of thr Fanged Sun
Qaabil of Ekbir
The Raven Queen
Red Lion of Furyondy
Ringfinger the Mage
Sargent Karag
Scout-Lancer Sedeq
Skirnir the Bootless
Thorolf of Nydam
Vallinen High Elf Fighter-Mage
The Vidar
Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc
Weems Half-Elven
Yljari Half-Elven
Z'Lee and Ketch
Z'vnd'sh Minor Pit Lord
Zsolt and Kata

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