Sunday, April 22, 2018

Die Claymore Saga

Nothing but a superficial distance between the German and American versions the German text just has a more martial sound to my New Jersey ear. This is the best starter game for fantasy miniature wargaming created. The plastic is cheap, hard and brittle but captures enough of the sculpt detail to make these look great. They paint fairly well with a primer after the plastic has been cleaned and dried but they need a sealent or the paint tends to come off. These come with big green multi-figure bases but it is easy enough to get individual flats and base them as single figures which alo makes them handy for RPGs. The multi figure bases are good for handling blocks of figures and the game rules are simple in the extreme. These are Games Workshop sulpts like Heroquest (Which is a fantastic introduction to Fantasy RPGs).

This is a huge set of figures depicting a monster army versus a human army. You get orcs, goblins, goblin wolf riders, evil knights both mounted and  loose, human knights, archers, a cannon, an ogre, a guard tower, crossbowmen, and a small type of minotaur or beastman. It was a fantastic deal when it was released. The game has a large plastic map with giant hexes and takes up a sizable amount of space.

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