Friday, April 21, 2017

Falkenberg's Legion by Pournelle

Just reread this and I wish they had it on kindle as that paperback text size is a killer. An excellent book though the rest of the series is a bit lacking. The last two books in the series are co-authored with S.M. Stirling and I'm not a fan of his style. If Pournelle is the literary descendent of Piper then Stirling is his antithesis.

Falkenberg's Legion is really an anthology of three short stories or perhaps novellas with brief connecting material. Each is enjoyable and Pournelle is his own man, but comparisons with Piper are inevitable and in these stories Pournelle falls short.

Drake obviously read these or at least the Mercenary story and he does them better, not just because of the grittiness of his own work but because Drake touches on something deeper that is more of a veneer in Pournelle's work. I still recommend this book highly.

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