Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Superman Lives

I recently watched this documentary and it is amazing that any semi-decent superhero movies have ever been made. For me, more importantly, it explains indirectly why they cannot make a decent Conan movie. I came across my copy of Jason Momoa's Conan this morning and felt that the movie would have been a notch better without any connection to Conan. If Momoa's movie had been presented as a generic fantasy or an original fantasy setting there would have been no expectations or if they'd simply scripted a version of one of Howard's (rather than a Howard imitator's) stories.

Perhaps they could have crafted something enjoyable from Superman Lives. One glance at the picture of Cage in the long-haired wig and plastic costume makes me think differently as well as trying to imagine how he would act the part and I just can't imagine anything beside farce. Momoa certainly seemed the opposite, a good physical type and acting personality that might have done justice to one of Howard's stories.

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