Monday, April 25, 2016

Marvel Comics - John Carter Warlord of Mars #1 - Pages #1 & 2

A comicbook can be a vast resource simply because of the amount of artwork contained in each issue. Regardless of the story the art can be taken apart panel by panel and used as needed. Sometimes all of the quality art went into the cover and the interior work was done in a slap and dab fashion or by an illustrator of dubious taste, style or quality. With this work the interiors are just about as well done as the cover and with a detail that can be used for more than just depicting characters. Here we John Carter running with sword, at least as dangerous as running with scissors, but he can be any kind of NPC hero or villain charging the players.

In the first two pages we are presented with a number of useful panels, although mainly of John Carter.

There is also some detail of the ruins around him and one Green Martians on the run. All very campaign useful. Note the two broken sculptures especially the female head in the bottom panel. Even the ricocheting bullets can be a useful picture to display.

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