Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pandemic by ZMAN - Lost the game by a single card

Dusted off ZMAN  Games Pandemic tonight. Play was much, much smoother and I actually had a something of strategy this time rather than my previous half-ass attempts to beat this monster into submission. My draw of character cards was decent, some are insanely powerful like the quarantine specialists while some are only handy or have limited use.

I haven't read any guides or websites that suggest strategy and I really don't intent to. I actually like losing in Pandemic because the game-play itself is interesting. There is a good deal of luck in the game and no matter what strategy you use or how experienced you are playing you still have the chance of just a bad string of cards. Good, if I wanted to play chess, I'd play chess. I like a game where you play against the system and it always has the chance to kick your ass. Which it did. Lost by one card. Ran out of my player card pile just as I was about to cure that last pesky disease. So far, rather than frustrating, it makes me want to try the game again.

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