Saturday, August 1, 2015

Northwest of Earth By C.L. Moore - The Complete Northwest Smith

Add description to your game - Read These Stories

C.L. Moore, if you haven't discovered her yet, is one of the best pulp sci-fi fantasy writers from that dim and distant golden age of fiction when the only thing more evocative than the cover art was the prose. I won't ruin these stories for you without a spoiler warning. I do want to say that while the Northwest Smith tales are purportedly ray-gun and rockets sci-fi they really go far beyond such a definition.

All the stories have a strong touch of fantasy, they all have a weird tale feel that fits well in the Cthulhu Mythos or CAS' many settings, they all are formed from pure adventure. C.L. Moore used words well. There is a depth to her descriptions that is not merely a padding  to make a story longer or perhaps more profitable. She is able to flesh out the fantastic and more importantly convey the exotic. Her aliens are alien, but without incomprehensibility.

Later I plan to spoil her work by sifting it for gaming ideas, but I advise anyone uninitiated to try them yourself first and sample them fresh.

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