Thursday, August 20, 2015

Component Review - Halo Fleet Battles

I've picked up $100 games before and the quality of the box and components of Halo Fleet Battles is a bad joke in comparison. The cardboard box is thinner than a cereal box. It isn't strong enough to even hold the weight of the contents without bending and deforming if you pick it up with one hand. The ships are 6 medium sized sprues and you get six sprues of plastic stands. These are average quality plastic and fairly thin. I can see broken ship parts in the future. The counters are like the box, super thin and easy to bend. Even the scenario book has a thin paper cover and the main rulebook is bound like a graphic novel.

I don't know about gameplay; it may be fantastic, but the box and components would be disappointing at even half the price. Big thumbs down for the quality, price and value of this game.

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