Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some more Zombicide

I am going to have to start writing session reports. Just finished scenario 4 and I am itching to start writing my own scenarios and tinker with some house rules.

I'm thinking of a starter campaign called 'The Office'. You start the game in a highrise office building, say the 20th floor, 30th floor, or higher. You have no weapons or items of any kind. Everything is normal. The zombie spawn areas are the stair doors. The office is filled with people. There has just been some kind of emergency alert and everyone is told to stay inside and off the streets. The office is filled with people. The game starts with a zombie spawn phase. Throughout this scenario there are only walkers and runners. A draw of a fattie means 3 walkers. A draw of an abomination means 5 walkers. Zombies attack non-player characters (NPCs) firt. NPCs have one action per turn. A slain NPC  becomes a zombie next turn (a 1-4 roll on a d6 means a walker, a 5 or 6 means a runner). The item deck is very limited. Office chairs keep 1 zombie at bay are plentiful. A broomhandle that does 1 die and hits on a 6+, one pistol from the NPC security guard. A second pistol in the item deck. A couple of fire extinguishers, a baseball bat, certain offices that have special items like a pimp mobile. Office doors that can be shut and locked but can be broken down if two action points are used. A lot of junk cards in the item deck to make it harder to find the good stuff. No infinite searches. Three ways to exit and the elevator slowly dropping down a floor at a time.

Thinking about rule changes. No infinite search. Drop the Aaghhh cards that spawn a zombie and instead have a wandering monster deck. You search and you draw from the item deck and the wandering monster deck. Your search draws attention and a zombie appear two zones away or you hear a noise in the next room, etc...

Ammo is the next thing. No more unlimited ammo. A backpack item that lets you carry things, a med-kit for some healing. Nothing original but I want to see how these things might work.

A Resident Evil type game with items that need to be combined to open doors or secrets that need to be found. So many possibilities...

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