Saturday, May 23, 2015

Just played Zombicide and LOVED IT!

This game has been on my shelf for a long time. I picked it up at a time when I had no way of playing it, wheelchair bound, moving to the frozen North then the long wait till I could get the leg amputated and the next long wait till I could walk again on the steel leg. Good Times, Good Times.

All I could do was read the rules and look at the pieces and truthfully the rules didn't impress. 

After another move and a lot of work I finally have a gaming table again and I have breaking out number of games that caught my eye but which I never had a place to play them: Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Flash Point, Lord of the Rings LCG, Space Hulk 2014, Memoir 44, a litany of excellent games I can recommend to anyone (and some I've written up as session reports). I'm glad to say I can add Zombicide to that list.

I've run scenario 1 twice so far and what strikes me is how well it creates the feel of a zombie-infested city. Time is definitely not on the players side and the growing horde of zombies reaches frightening proportions. The game balances zombie kills with ever increasing amounts of zombies entering the board at spawn points. It is a lose/lose proposition. If you kill zombies more and more appear if you don't the horde gains turns and you will find yourself chased and in the end overtaken by the shambling throng of undead who hunger for your flesh... 

If you like to tinker with rules this game will call out to you. I have already started tinkering, adding challenges, changing some aspects to make it less surreal, limiting resources. I'm sure everything I've thought have been addressed on Boardgamegeek and in the plenitude of expansions released but if you are a tinkerer it is such a treasure to find a game that lends itself so easily to house rules as Zombicide. The original rules are fine and much fun can be had with them so if you don't feel like changing things the game works very well as is.

The miniatures are very nice and paint fairly well. They definitely need a base coat and I'm not sure how they will do if the paint isn't sealed on, but they cry out for the brush. There is a type of zombie called a 'runner'. I'd strongly recommend even non-painters to grab a brush or perhaps an indelible marker and color the base (I used red). They are similar enough to the common zombies in sculpt that they will easily become lost in the crowd.

One change I did have to make was to abandon the experience and skill markers and simply use the character cards to hold items. This game needs a character sheet where you record kills and skills. This will also allow you to use all the expensive promo and add-on specialty figures as well as characters of your own creation. This is also one of those games where owning two sets expands your options greatly even to the point where you can make zombified versions of the 6 survivor miniatures (something that I see them doing in future releases).

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite games and I know I will have to grab the expansion for the Mall and Prison when I get the chance. It might not be for everyone but it has caught me and I hope catches you as well.

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  1. Keep hearing lots of good things about Zombicide! Definitely on my wishlist!