Friday, April 17, 2015

For Sale (USA Location) TRAVELLER

For Sale (USA Location)

TRAVELLER ($10 Each +Shipping)

FASA Double Adventure The Stazhlekh Report/ The Harrensea Project
In Excellent Condition, Cover has Minor Wear, Staples have a little Rust

FASA High Passage #4
In Excellent Condition

FASA Rescue on Galatea with Map
In Excellent Condition, Staples have moderate Rust

GDW Adventure 13 Signal GK
In Excellent Condition, Cover shows Minor Wear

Payment By USPS Money Order or Trade

Also For Sale

Judges Guild
The Dungeoneer #10, #12. #14. #15, #18 ($5 Each + Shipping)
In Very Nice Shape, Covers show Moderate wear, Staples have some rust

Pegasus Magazine #4, #6, #7 ($10 EACH + Shipping)
In Excellent Condition, Staples have some rust

Midkemia Press
The Black Tower with Map ($35+Shipping)
In Very Nice Shape, Cover shows moderate wear with browning on edge and small brown spot on back. Map shows some edge wear.

D&D Mystara B12 Queen's Harvest ($40+Shipping)
In Very Nice Shape, indentation on first page, Module cover has crease on front and back page with minor wear

D&D Mystara GAZ7 The Northern Reaches with Map - Missing Fold-Up Buildings ($40+Shipping)
In Very Nice shape, cover shows some wear especially along spine)

D&D M4 Five Coins For A Kingdom ($25 + shipping)
In Very Nice Shape, Cover shows moderate wear, crease marks on spine

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