Friday, January 9, 2015

Flash Point - Session Report 1 Basic (Family) Rules

Flash Point - Session Report 1 Basic (Family) Rules

Played my first game of Flash Point today using the basic rules and it is an immediate hit. After the first run through using four firefighters I picked up on three errors due to misreading of cards. I read the one firefighter card correctly initially then throughout most of the game gave him an extra action point (AP).

My second mistake was with the Fire Chief's command points. I failed to note that his command points are only applied to movement. The third mistake was over the POI markers. Each mistake was in my favor and helped me to when the scenario. Next game I go back and rerun the same basic game and see if I missed anything else before playing the more advanced rules.

The components are nice. Thick board map, nice counters and the firefighter and specialty cards are attractively illustrated. The six firemen miniatures do their generic job but I would have preferred a less silly looking figure and instead have unique figures that went with each type of firefighter or specialist. Probably would have jumped the price up. My only complaint is with the thin color cards that match the six colors of the firefighter figures. They are delicate and I managed to damage one just opening the tight plastic that sealed them together. Doesn't affect gameplay, but I hate damaging a component right out of the box.

I began play with one of each of the firefighters at each entranceway. Two of the POI markers were right in the first rooms that my Imaging   Tech and CAFS Firefighter were poised to enter. My turn order was Fire Captain, Generalist, Imaging Technician, and CAFS.

I gave the command points to the Imaging Tech and he immediately finds the family dog. Then the Captain enters and puts out a fire. End of turn. I rolled a location for the Advance Fire and placed a smoke. I then rolled for another POI location. Rereading the rules it seems I should have left the two unknown and the revealed dog. Another error I made throughout the game was adding new unknown POIs to the board even with revealed victims (and pets) on the board. In retrospect this still makes sense to me as you could leave the pets revealed and only need to go after one unknown at a time. It definitely changes the game and I will have to see how this rule works next session.

I began working my way into the building. The Imaging Tech was very handy in revealing unknown POIs. The CAFS kept coming across victims and barely utilized their special extinguishing ability. While this was going on the center of the building became an inferno. Explosions and shockwaves began taking out doors and damaging walls. The basic game mechanics are incredibly simple but the growing fire and risk of explosions is great at creating tension.

In the end due to good fortune and fortuitous unintended errors in gameplay on my part I was able to remove the victims from the building, though the little kitty did not make it. Next session will be much more dangerous.

This is an excellent solitaire game. A quick and straightforward game that looks like it will be even more enjoyable as a multi-player. I could see where it could be overplayed but if kept in a rotation of games it should last very well and I already note several existing expansions.

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