Monday, December 1, 2014

Kickstarter you've broken my heart (response to a post)

There are too many kickstarter horror stories going around and almost every kickstarter I know of is late to massively late. and at the end of it I have found almost every kickstarter's core product ends up sold for cheap after a few months (I picked up all the Zombicide core sets for less than half the kickstarter prices and I didn't care about the massively overpriced add-ons sand exclusives). 

I just picked up a couple of copies of Sedition Wars cores for $17 each. I couldn't have gotten the 50 sculpted bases for much less than that let alone the 50 minis, tile sets, counters and other components.

I'm afraid I also like my boardgame gratification for more instant than waiting months or even as year or more for fulfillment. 

So unless it is a massively good deal from a reliable company (Reaper Bones, SJG OGRE, etc... ) that is it for me.

For horror stories check out Defiance Games, CSM's Tome of Horrors, or the Up Front debacle. You can read about these on BoardGame Geek or the Reaper forums.

Addendum: A reply to a reply.

It is definitely a case of a few really bad apples, but since you initially can't tell most bad apples from shiny delicious ones then it makes supporting kickstarters a gamble. But even some of the shiny ones are normally failures in terms of delays like OGRE and even Bones. This isn't just a case of customers not getting their toys on time. The failure with even successful kickstarters is delaying delivery beyond the customers ability to file a chargeback with the their credit card company (and if you use a debit card that time is very short). 

It is now an accepted reality that a kickstarter will almost never make its projected delivery date. If customers en masse withdrew their support and did a chargeback before the maximum allowed time passed then kickstarter creators would get off their asses, have as much work done before the kickstarter began as was humanly possible, and deliver their projects in a reasonable amount of time or cancel them. Their should also be at least some accountability by kickstarter and at the very least allow creators only a single kickstarter at a time.

Their are few truly successful kickstarters, but the crap that customers put up with is legion. 

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